making new medical technologies available in Hungary


Date Congress Place
17 January 21st Cardiology Day
Lillafüred, Hungary
31 January – 1 February Cardiac Failure Days 2014 Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary
6-8 March 19th Cardiology Days of Debrecen Debrecen, Hungrary
11-13 April 21st Cardiology Days for Young Cardiologists Lillafüred, Hungary
5-8 May Charing Cross Symposium London, UK
8-9 May PINC 2014 Krakow, Poland
14-17 May Annual Congress of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology Balatonfüred, Hungary
19-23 May EuroPCR 2014 Paris, France
28-31 May ISMICS 2014 Boston, USA
IC Workshop Visegrád, Hungary
28-31 May MENC 2014 Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia
16-18 June TCT Russia 2014 Moscow, Russia
25-28 June iCi 2014 Frankfurt, Germany
27-28 June 18th International Experts Symposium Critical Issues in Aortic Endografting 2014 Malmö, Sweden
 26-28 June 27th Congress of the Society of Hungarian Radiologists Szeged, Hungary
13-17 September  TCT 2014 Washington DC, USA
 16-18 October 22nd Congress of Interventional Cardiology Associates Pécs, Hungary
 16-18 October 22nd Congress of Interventional Cardiology Associates Visegrád, Hungary
 04-07 November VIVA  Congress 2014 LAs Vega, USA
06-08 November MNRT Kongresszus 2014 Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary
 14 November 18th Gottsegen Cardiology Day Budapest, Hungary
 14-15 November LAA 2014 Frankfurt, Germany
3-6 December NFIC 2014 Krakow,Poland
 14-16 December ICI 2014 Tel-Aviv, Israel