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VRG Therapeutics has secured €5 Million in Series A Funding

Press release BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, August 14, 2023/ — VRG Therapeutics(VRG Tx), a pioneering biotechnology research and development company specializing in miniprotein-based pharmaceuticals and cellular & gene therapy (CGT) products, is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured a €5 million investment deal. The funding was led by the Budapest based Széchenyi Funds (SZTA) […]


We proudly announce the publication of our first paper in Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) related to our chlorotoxin analogue (CTXA) development. We use our patented chlorotoxin analogues for targeting CAR-T cells to cure patient suffering from glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Publication link:

VRG Therapeutics demonstrates in vivo efficacy with a selective Kv1.3 inhibitor developed for autoimmune diseases

Press release BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, May 26, 2023/ — VRG Therapeutics, a biotechnology R&D company focused on peptide-based pharmaceuticals and cellular & gene therapy (CGT) products has announced that their exceptionally selective Kv1.3 inhibitor peptide showed efficacy in a delayed-type hypersensitivity animal model. VRG Tx’s lead compound has been developed on the company’s ISEP platform […]

Project news

Our chlorotoxin-analog (CTXA) targeted CAR T asset is not only strong by scientific means but also holds strong IP protection. The project reached an important milestone: we received the International Preliminary Report on Patentability for our patent application (PCT/HU2021/050075). The result is: all claims have been accepted in terms of all requirements of patentability! We’ll […]

Pathfinder Open grant (HORIZON-EIC-2023-PATHFINDEROPEN-01-01)

VRG is planning to apply for a Pathfinder Open grant (HORIZON-EIC-2023-PATHFINDEROPEN-01-01) and looking for partners active on the following fields: – Development and production of AAV-s for viral transduction of genetic material to CNS neurons.– Development and production of electrodes to be applied in neurosurgery or devices for microinjection. The device we envisage would be […]

BIO-Europe 2022 Leipzig

We are happy to share that we participate Bio-Europe on October 24–26, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. We are looking for investors/partners for our forerunning GBM targeting CTXA-CAR-T project. In addition, you may learn more about our gene therapy based chemogenetic program in CNS indication which is now available for initial funding.Meet our Head of CMC […]

Innovation Marketplace and Career Day of Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science

We’re expanding our network towards academic research: VRG will join Innovation Marketplace and Career Day of Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science on 13 October. Our BD and Project Manager, Tamás Kitka will give a company presentation and participate a roundtable discussion. Looking forward to meet our future research partners there! Cell and Gene Meeting […]

VRG announces major milestone in chlorotoxin targeted CAR T therapy in glioblastoma

Press release DREADDs are exclusively activated by their pharmaceutical ligand, the so-called actuator. CNS-delivered artificial DREADDs have no physiological effects without their actuator, offering a flexible and adaptive control of the timing and intensity of the effect. This technique can be employed to develop a safe, adjustable alternative of current neurosurgery techniques, such as deep […]