New member to the team


We are excited to announce that Márton Megyeri has joined to the team as Head of CMC Development on the 1st of December 2021. He is going to bring a chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC) and regulatory perspective to the team by managing late-stage research projects of the portfolio. Previously, by leading a team that provided integrated scientific and strategic support for the CMC biosimilar development he completed successful INDs and other regulatory submissions to FDA and EMA. Márton is a bioengineer by training, holds a PhD in structural biochemistry and protein science. He was a postdoc in the Weizmann Institute of Science and held various roles within the biotech industry pipeline. With 9+ years of bio-pharmaceutical experience and 15+ years of academic track record and a passion for science he is going to complete the team’s expertise to cover the full spectra of biologics development.