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2021 October 15Vascular Research Group at the annual meeting of the Peptidkémiai MunkabizottságVascular Research Group (VRG) presented its progress on CTX analogue development at the annual meeting of the Peptidkémiai Munkabizottság (MTA). The annual meeting of the Peptidkémiai Munkabizottság (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) took place between 2021 October 11 and 13, and VRG got the […]

New member to the team

We are excited to announce that Márton Megyeri has joined to the team as Head of CMC Development on the 1st of December 2021. He is going to bring a chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC) and regulatory perspective to the team by managing late-stage research projects of the portfolio. Previously, by leading a team that […]

We have launched our cutting-edge DREADD project (Designer Receptor Exclusively Activated by Designer Drug).

DREADDs are exclusively activated by their pharmaceutical ligand, the so-called actuator. CNS-delivered artificial DREADDs have no physiological effects without their actuator, offering a flexible and adaptive control of the timing and intensity of the effect. This technique can be employed to develop a safe, adjustable alternative of current neurosurgery techniques, such as deep brain stimulation […]